Friday, December 12, 2014

Enjoy, Experience and Explore when Traveling

I love to travel! I think the best thing about traveling is that it allows me to spend quality time with my friends or family members without thinking so much stress and work. It is a way of escaping my busy life, online tasks, selling stuffs online and booking domestic and international tickets for my customers. A time for me to become a customer too! It is a time to unwind, enjoy, experience and explore...

It is the experience that makes me love traveling so much! I love taking a lot of photos and doing 'selfies' during our travel. I cannot resist tasting a lot of new delicacies and foods in various restaurants but depending on our budget of course. It is also the time to learn a few words from another dialect and a chance of meeting new people and another culture.

Most of us were looking forward for the scenic spots that the place has when we travel. We love seeing jaw dropping views and also feeling the warm accommodation of the people around. Exploring the new place can be very enjoyable and can also be tiring. We never feel tired during our travel but we do get tired after we travel.

Traveling may also be stressful especially for girls. We need to prepare all the necessary things to bring for certain places. For budget travelers like me, it is a must that I have to get to know the place first before our travel. I will make an itinerary and list everything like the fares, the restaurants, the inn and the activities that we are going to do when we get there. 

For other people, they do not necessarily have an affordable vacation because for them 'a trip is best enjoyed if they spend more'. But for me, it is not really the place that matters most, the buddies or the people traveling with me matters most. As long as I enjoy the whole trip with them, I will no longer remember the discomforts, delays and other happenings that would give me a bad mood.

Just always remember these three things when traveling... ENJOY, EXPERIENCE and EXPLORE!!!

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