Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pre-Vacation Tips (2Months Before the Travel)

Do These Things 2-3 Months Prior to Vacation.
  • Check out a Baby Sitter (If you will leave your baby). On our upcoming travel my husband and I decided to bring with us 1 yr old daughter. First, because we can't just leave her to our moms, they are busy with their works. But, if you have your parents to watch over your kids or someone you can trust then that would be better. Tell them ahead so that they would anticipate having your kids in their daily routines and activities.
  • Bring your first aid kit. Not the entire kit just a few medicines like pain reliever for headaches, toothaches, stomachaches, wounds. It won't get so much of your baggage space.
  • Try to Find Maps. Print a destination and route maps if your travel includes road trips. Learn about the places you'll travel through and check out any "must see" attractions along the way.
  • Prepare yourself to Be Active. Don't be a 'Kill Joy'! You travel to enjoy and have fun so try to be active in just a few days. Try to walk, swim, dance or do whatever floats your boat. The better shape you are in the more you will enjoy your vacation, Exercise first!
  • Make reservations now. You may want to do accommodation arrangements now and make an itinerary of your day to day activities so you can sort things out and check the prices. The earlier the better so you will know how much expected or estimated amount that you are going to spend for your vacation.
  • Bring only travel sized products. The hotels has free toiletries but I am sure it will be only good for 2 people. I suggest you to buy small packages of your 'must have' items like shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap (would be better for packing & unpacking), gel (for men),underarm deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush (with cover), mouthwash, dental floss, makeup remover, antibacterial hand gel, alcohol, sewing kit, wet wipes, lotion and all kinds of other stuffs that you need. For the babies try to pack separate things for them. Remember you can also buy things that you need on the places that you will go so don't stress yourself out too much on packing just like diapers, don't bring the whole pack of 20's it will just get a huge space of your baggage, you can buy them anywhere. Always remember, there's always department store whenever you go.
  • Discuss with your travel buddies about your upcoming vacation. Throw different ideas about what to do and where to go and the FINALIZE.
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